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The Crossword Ballet was created in order to express through innovative dance and story telling the ideas of the feminine heroic journey and the individuation process.

It explores and combines the core elements of seemingly opposing movement vocabularies, ballet and Wu-Shu in an attempt to create a unique movement vocabulary and a new unconventional heroine, the warrior ballerina.

She is here to embody qualities that have been forgotten, truths that have been refused, stories untold. Combining strength, stamina with elegance and beauty her story will give new perspectiveon how we see female ballet dancers. In the mythological world we created, our heroine is aballerina who is undergoing an extraordinary journey of self exploration and self transformationand we are hoping to portray artistically the infinite strengths of the feminine.


To capture timeless and eternal inner realities that define humanity and depict them through

compelling / imaginative dance performances.


To create a new dance style and captivating dance performances that will inspire our audience to

reconnect with their heroic journey and to enliven their personal myths.

To give to mythology and fairy tales their rightful place. We believe that myths and fairy tales have

been abused by the entertainment industry, striped off their original meaning and misunderstood as

wild, or old fashioned instead of soulful and wise.

To investigate with honesty the masculine and feminine archetype and how it manifests in men and women.


Every major dance and ballet company has private sponsors in order to thrive. With cuts in the art

sector, private donations are a prerequisite of all art organisations in order to continue their work.

Since we are in the early stages any donation is very valuable and could contribute towards a

successful future for our dance company


We need to raise money for rehearsal space (£25/ hour), dancers (£450/ week), hiring equipment

and collaborating with other artists. Your support is vital in continuing our work and bring to a wider audience some new concepts about ballet.

Point shoes (£75/ pair) are essential to our work! You can contribute to ensure the dancers are

wearing the right shoes.

In our current society companies and art organisation can mutually benefit from a collaboration.

We could offer our artistic input, experience and creativity to many business organisations or


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