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Symeon Kyriakopoulos is a London based choreographer. He received his BSc (Hons) in

Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire and his BA (Hons) from Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. Ballet and Wushu are the primary movement practices that inspire him and the main disciplines for The Crossword Ballet. Along with these movement styles, the works of Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and other modern analytical psychologist has shaped his perception on the psychological nature of the human psyche. He created in 2013 “The Crossword Ballet” as a ground for artistic exploration and expression of the individuation process and the hero’s journey.

This was made possible with the support from the Arts Council England and the Swiss Church in London.

In the past he has performed with various dance companies alongside creating his own work. He has choreographed: “Visual Echo” in collaboration with Maria Karapanagiotidou, which was performed at various festivals in England and Greece. In 2009, he choreographed his second dance piece performed at Resolution!2009. In 2011 he joined Puppic Dance company under the direction of Justine Reeves . He performed with the company at various festivals. In April 2013 he was rehearsal director of the Puppic Youth Dance Company.

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